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Frequently Asked Questions...

Points and Evidence of an Outline? First Outline ?'s?

I have a few good subtopics for my outline over the Hoistory of Palestine but as my Outline looks like this:

How do I make a point in the Subtopics? Im a bit confused.

Heres what I have made up my mind to do, after getting some help =p:

1) Pre-Arab Occupation of Palestine
-ancient, BC era examples
-who populated this region? brief history?

2) Arab Occupation of Palestine
-what happened to cause this occupation?
-what changes occurred besides for political changes? economic?

3) Jewish Co-Occupation up to Present Day
-current debates
-origins of Zionist movement
-Arab-Palestinian counter movement

If you don't look at outline you wont understand what I said XP!
need specifics, Please!

Best Answer...


1) Pre-Arab Occupation of Palestine
A. what happened to cause this occupation?
1. the war of 1812(for example only)
2. joe bolw sent a letter to the pope(for example only)
Basically 1) is main point A. is broad explanation of what you are going to talk about 1. & 2. are supporting info for A.