Ancient Coin

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I have a 900 year OLD ANCIENT COIN, where can i get the best price for it?

i have tried ebay and amazon but didn't find the right price,
i want to know how much can i get from it and where to sell it.
((the coin is genuine.))

Thanks in advance.

Best Answer...


I have seen the home shopping shows sell VERY old and they look it for very little money. If you were expecting to retire on the sell I think you can forget it.

But do not get mixed up with anyone here who emails you wanting to give you a "good deal" until you have someone who knows what they are looking at value it for you.

If you could take pics and the link to them you might get a better answer.

My feel, just from TV is a coupple of hundred dollars and even at that they are overpricing the items anyway.

How much have you been asking? You might have to be more realistic with your price if you want to sell it.

Oh and if you find out the coin is really valuable then you better be prepared to give the buyer FULL details on where you got it.