Bronze Bc

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Which guitar is better to get used?

which guitar is better.
A bronze BC Rich Warlock with EMG 81 pickups (used to have stock)

ESP LTD Saitan AX 50

The BC Rich costs about 300 in total. it was 150 for the guitar and 150 for the pickups. It is also 3 years old.
I am not sure how much the ESP costs because the seller has not replied to my message. But at retail price it is 259.00 but that is the new version of it also.
I can only get one and they are both on sale for 150. remember they are used...
Which one would be better to get. i can not afford a better guitar so its either this or nothing.
If you think neither suggest a guitar that costs under $150 thanks for your help.
The bc rich's pickup is also active while im pretty sure the esp isnt.

Best Answer...


the ESP, the bc rich only has 1 pick up. ull want 2. trust me.
2 passives beat 1 active