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Original Statue

Frequently Asked Questions...

Where is the original Statue of Liberty located?

I know there are 3 different statues but which one is the original?

Best Answer...


The original is in New York and was a gift from France to the US to mark the hundredth birthday of the nation. The second is located in Paris and was dedicated in 1889. It has two dates on it's tablet, the July 4, 1776 (the date the Declaration was first read to the Continental Congress and was signed by John Hancock) and July 14, 1789 (the date the Bastille was stormed). Then there's the third, which was the model for the original, located in in Jardin du Luxembourg and set up in a park there in 1906. The date on it's tablet, November 15, 1889, refers to the the dedication of the one in Paris.

There are actually more than three, by the way. Besides these three there are another:
*nine in France
*over two hundred in the US
*one in Argentina
*two in Brazil
*one in Ecuador
*one in Peru
*one in Austria
*in in Germany
*one in Kosovo
*one in Norway
*two in Spain
*three in the UK
*two in Israel
*three in Japan
*one in the Philippines
*two in Taiwan
*one in Australia.

Only Liberty Enlightening the World (aka the Statue of Liberty) and three in France (besides the one in Paris and the one in Jardin du Luxembourg, there is a third in the Musée des Arts et Métiers) which were actually done by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. All others are mere replicas of his work.