Antique Framed

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the story behind these prints? (Links fixed)?

My grandmother has a pair antique framed prints in her home. They appear to be english in origin. What we wanted to know is what do the prints actually depict, what are the pictures about or where could i find out? (fingers crossed that the links work this time).



Best Answer...


By the fashion, it seems to be from late XVIth or early XVII century.
About 1st one, I have the impression that this lady in black (widow) is not English but Italian or Spanish origin. The soldiers in the back look Spanish. I don't know why, this lady reminds me Anne d'Autriche, Louis XIVth mother, but in that case, that would be later (after 1645 if I'm not mistaken).
2nd picture, is a bit later, maybe mid XVII century.