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PLease help! Best answer to anyone who helps!

Im involved in the school colorguard and every year during the fall pep rally, our group gives each other little gifts before the show. In past years people have made bears dressed in our uniform, jewelery boxes decorated with the year and peoples names, chocolates in the shape of flags, dog tags with the colorguard year and name engraved in them, keychains etc..
The pep rally is coming up real soon i have no idea what to make! All the members are girls so please, please give me some creative and cute ideas for gifts!

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How about buying personalized pins, making homemade soap and you can add the names inside the soap, cover cookies with icing and your schools name and finally this is something my friend did recently she made mosaic designs on pieces of wood. It would be cool if you put the pieces in the shape of your schools initials or whatever you choose.