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Frequently Asked Questions...

How would I reupholster a wooden hope chest (basic wooden box) that is upholstered already?

Someone gave me a wooden hope chest that was upholstered all around. It needs re-upholstered and I don't know how I'd go about re-upholstering it. Any clue? I was going to buy one of those industrial strength staple guns to use but I didn't know if that was how it was supposed to be done or not.

Best Answer...


Take off the old cover carefully and you can use it as a pattern to cut out the new cover. Use any good stapler that will hold firmly. The "Power Shot" is easiest for small feminine hands to work because you press it down on the front instead of the back. I work at Home Depot and have used this myself. Believe me it is easier on your hands. You may need some quilting batting for padding under the fabric. It depends on the thickness of the fabric.