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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can someone make a dragonfable account with a dragon amulet in exchange for a lv 40 AQ acount?

in exchange for making an account on dragon fable with a dragon amulet on it, I will give you a lv 40 account on AdventureQuest that has a house, pet, weapons, shields, and spells of all elements, and has the class of fighter, rouge, mage, knight, and ninja and has the armor to go with them.

Best Answer...


you don't have to do any of this trade account stuff.

just try out my contest at

wait till the 25th to sign up.

or if you are too impatient to wait till monday, then try out

from there you can check the prize page, and on the 4th page you will see the free upgrade code for the site for only 20 points.

my contest only costs 5 points.