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Frequently Asked Questions...

Best way to curl hair?

What is the best way to curl naturally wavy and slightly frizzy & naturally "big" or not "flat" hair WITHOUT the use of heat products?

Also is there any possible way to get my hair straight without a flat iron? Bc I have really damaged hair & am trying to lay off the heat.

Also, best products to use for my ^above questions that are found at walmart?

Thanks a lot if you answer :)

Best Answer...


To curl your hair with out heat products, you can tightly braid your hair into 4 separate braids and sleep with them in. Then in the morning, take the braids out and put mousse in your hair. After the mousse is dry, put some hairspray in your hair.

To straighten your hair with out heat products, take a shower and when you get out of the shower, lightly dry your with a towel so that it is still wet but not dripping wet. Then put mousse in your wet hair but don't scrunch it! Then blow dry your hair.

Hope this helps!