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Frequently Asked Questions...

What type of dress to wear to my cousins wedding?

I am female and 21 years old. My cousin is getting married in April and apparently its going to be quite a posh wedding. I have been looking at a few dresses but I can't decide what style or colour to wear and what would be suitable. I am not usually a dress person but i thought it would be more suitable to wear a dress.

Best Answer...


Usually the later the hour of the ceremony the more formal, as in after 7 is formal. Five would be semi-formal. So go for inbetween, I had rather be a little over dressed than under. So depending on your hair color, your skin tones, your eyes, you should know your best colors. I would go for a not too fancy cocktail dress, some sequins with dressy med heels, you will be on your feel a long time and I do not know what size heel you are comfortable with. Also a tea length with say maybe a halter top with some bling around the neckline. Medium jewelry, depends on how many sequins on the dress. Or go with a solid(blues and aqua, turquoise are good colors for most people and dress up good) and wear diamond or cz, medium length dangly earrings, not big or wide, just a single or small double strand with a couple of bangle bracelets. Less is more. Also, I would take a small evening bag either way. Not your work or everyday pocketbook with everything in it but the kitchen sink. Nothing ruins an outfit more. Also, a trick I use is to pick the dress, then pick two pair of shoes, two sets of jewelry, some simple, some with more "bling" also a dressy scarf. Leave tags on, wear your own shoes. Go early and watch people going in. This way if you need more bling, all you have to do is change into shoes, jewelry, bag you want. Then return the others the next day or two. Nothing wrong with this, but be sure ro remove tags on ones you do wear, Ha. In April, pastels are best to me, but April can still be chilly in the South anyway, so a pretty scarf or a dress with sleeves would be in order. If you want spaghetti straps or a halter neckline, etc. buy a dressy (paisley, light brocade shawl) to match your dress. Def. a dress or a dressy set, black pants with a jeweled top again depends on what you feel comfortable with, your size, your comfort and base jewelry on the amt. of jewels on the top. Basic black with pearls is always great and yes, basic black now goes anywhere, unless you are just uncomfortable with the color. Hope this helps, I prefer a dress, but no offense, only honesty, if you are a plus size, sometimes pants sets are more comfortable, I am and thank goodness the clothing market has realized that us plus girls like to dress up, too. You wil see all different styles and outfits, so just choose, be happy with your choice and have a good time. JL