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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much of my hair and neck do I need to cover while visiting a Muslim country as a tourist?

Dear muslim women,
I am soon travelling to a muslim country in Southeast Asia. I would like to be a respectful tourist towards the local people and their culture by covering my head (and also dress properly otherwise). However, as a non-Muslim I don not own a hijab or other suitable scarves that I could use. I found some hijab caps in a shop and thought that a they would be a good solution. It seems though, that they are not considered "hijab" as they do not cover the neck (instead they are used as under-scarf caps). My question is, would it be ok if I wore a hijab cap if it covers my hair and ears but not the neck? I do not know how to wear a hijab and I'd like to have a head cover that is quick to wear. That is why a hijab cap (similar to a big bandana scarf) would be a good solution for me. I am thankful for all advice. :-)

Best Answer...


I admire your respect for Muslims and their countries. It shows that you have a good character. The locals aren't going to make a big deal about it because you are not Muslim. you can wear the cap it you want or you can buy a scarf even if its just a normal one you'd wrap around your neck. You are just a tourist so I doubt people are going to be nagging you to cover up properly. they're in fashion now so you'll be able to get them in any clothes store. just wrap it loosely around your hair here are some examples

Anne in Head Scarf



if you want to wear it like a bandana thats ok too. i hope you have a nice holiday