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Frequently Asked Questions...

why are many bible figures from adam to jesus are considered to be prophets?

and are respected by islam. islamic scholars believe that both the torah and bible came from allah, but they were corrupted by the jews and christians over time. while neither testament calls for mass murder of non-believers, the quran does. could it be possible that the quran itself was corrupted by muslims over the last 1,400 years.
ak; please! read your bible or torah.

Best Answer...


These kids here hardly know their own religion much less another. There were a lot of prophets according to Islam, Muhammad being the last. I wonder then, why is he the last? Why hasn't there been any others since then? Or did Mu not want the competition?

The Koran has been corrupted. Do a search for "Yemen Koran" and you'll find where they found a copy older than any other known copy and it is different. Naturally Muslims will argue this.