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Nazar Evil

How To Get Barkat In Rizk & Cure for Nazar/Evil Eye

Frequently Asked Questions...

In Islam is there a such thing as Nazar (Evil eye)...?

Like for example having problems because of this "evil eye"...

Okay I want references to AUTHENTIC HADITHS and OBVIOUSLY the Qur'an.


Best Answer...



“And verily, those who disbelieve would almost make you slip with their eyes (through hatred) when they hear the Reminder (the Qur’aan)…”
[al-Qalam 68:51]

Al-Saddi said: “[This means] they would harm you with their eyes (evil eye).”
Tafseer al-Baghawi, 8/202.

This following Link will explain to you the tafsir of the Quran Ayah I pasted (68:51)... and also give you more info on the evil eye with hadith's...

This is also indicated by the general meaning of the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “The (evil) eye is real.”
Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5740; Muslim, 2187.

(with their eyes) meaning, `they will affect you by looking at you with their eyes (i.e., the evil eye).' This means `they are jealous of you due to their hatred of you, and were it not for Allah's protection of you, defending you against them (then their evil eye would harm you).'