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Frequently Asked Questions...

How many square foots of floor area is required for a computer classroom with 10 computers?

This classroom includes a server computer for the lecturer, this server computer is connected to the 10 client computers. Regarding all other required things for this computer classroom (like chairs, tables and a whiteboard etc.), can you estimate the required floor area in square foots?

Best Answer...


Give each student a table 2 x 3 feet
and another 3 x 3 for the chairs.
Put a little space between them, say 6".

If there will be 2 rows of 5, then each row is 5 x 3 + 2 feet wide x 5 feet deep.
Put some space on either end... say 3 feet.
Now each row is 23 feet wide x 5 feet deep.

At the front of the room you need space for the server,
the white board, and what not ... let's say 6 feet for that.

And maybe another 6 feet at the back.

So you have 23 feet wide x (2 * 5 + 12) from front to back =
23 * 22 = 506 square feet.

I looked it up using search terms "classroom space per student".

Part of the Texas Adminstrative Code says: (See link below)

(i) A computer classroom used for the teaching of computer skills shall have a minimum of 900 square feet per room. The minimum room size is ideal for 25 students; 36 square feet per student should be added to the minimum square footage for each student in excess of 25. School districts with small class sizes may have computer classrooms that provide a minimum of 36 square feet per student.

10 * 36 = 360 + some teacher space would be pretty close to 500.