Veil Abaya

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Saudi two Layer Niqab kasaba Burqa Islamic Face Cover Veil Abaya Burka Muslim

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Veil Abaya

Frequently Asked Questions...

Isn't it wrong for Saudi Arabia & Iran, to impose compulsory veils on all women, irrelevant of their faith!?

Why are all women, irreverent of their respective faiths, are compelled to wear the veil, abaya, burkha etc in public? Forcing someone to do something against their will is WRONG.

I heard so many Iranians leaving the Shiite faith, because of the Khomeinist mullahs and Ayatollah of Qom. Of course I couldn't care for less if these had described themselves as ex- Shiites, but they usually call themselves 'ex- Muslims'. Imposing religion on these people too much, have left them to apostatize and utterly despise what they ‘think’ is Islam (the Shiite heresy).

If you meet a typical Iranian here in the UK, they are extremely secular people and are very proud of their Persian heritage & culture, but utterly despise the Khomeists clergy system. I understand most of them are the descendants of the Shah supporters, who fled Iran during the Khomeinist Revolution.

Best Answer...


coming from parents who are IRanian, fled the Revolution and are ex-Muslim..and do not support my reversion/ all i do is pray and they think i'm an extremist..and thats all I do Astaghfirullah (i'm not able to do other things atm..Insha'Allah in the future)

yes so it has put people off

and forcing someone to wear the hijab does not mean they are obeying Allah Subhanhu wa t'ala..because Islam is all about intentions and what is in the heart and Allah Subhanhu wa t'ala knows everything!!!

Look at Jordan, the hijab is not forced yet people live religious Islamic lives!!

i say this just from experience from my own family...i would love to live in an Islamic country..but forcing people to do something..well.. there is no compulsion in Islam

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