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Frequently Asked Questions...

How high up should water appear in a front-loading washing machine?

I noticed at the laundrymat that the water does not appear at the bottom of the window, it only rises just below - presumably filling a basin below that the perforated washer chamber / cylnder spins thru. I know that they've had a problem with patrons putting in too much soap and causing an overflow. I'm wondering if they are reducing the water level in the washer to combat that problem (and cut down on their costs for water and hot water - very cheap place)?

I used the laundrymat today and my clothes seem to be clean and free of soap (the rinse cycle is the same "low water" situation); so maybe the washer is not designed to have water at the height of the door?

Best Answer...


Front loaders do not use as much water as top loaders. If it is High Efficiency it uses even less water. The water does not come up to the window.