Ancient Bead

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Antique Ocean Pearl + Sapphire Ancient Muslim Koran First Act of Creator Allah
Handmade 28ct Carnelian Pearl Ancient Islamic Evil Eye Protection Amulet Mecca
Antique Ocean Pearl Ancient Islam Gem Gardens of Paradise Allahs 1st Act 14ktGF

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Ancient Bead

Drill in ancient beads - for the love of ancient beads - EJ Gold at his jewelry bench

Frequently Asked Questions...

I was given 3 ancient bead looking statues -I need to know where to go to get them appraised.?

A patient gave them to me. She has many ancient artifacts of which she has supporting documentation, however she never took the time to get these appraised. She gave them to me b/c I was admiring her items so much. No Chicago museums where of any help.

Best Answer...


Post a picture on Flickr, tell us where they come from, according to the documentation. That will give a clue about where you should go.

For instance, when you tried the museums, did you get to any curators, or just the membership desk? Try working through the library.