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Frequently Asked Questions...

Did any Islamic country send troops to aid Palestinians in fighting against Israel during the last war ?

There is all this talk about "occupation", "oppression" and "massacre" by Israel towards Palestinians.

Please provide a list of Islamic countries that have sent in troops to help Palestinians fight against Israel.

If not, please explain why no Islamic country has sent in troops to aid Palestinians against Israel.

Please provide facts only.

Thank you!

Best Answer...


Islamic states don't send much of anything to the Palestinians. Iran and Syria send a lot of money - millions a year. That aside, the Arab nations are not overly fond of the Palestinians. Jordan won't allow them in because when she did, they caused such trouble.

Egypt used to 'occupy' Gaza, pre 1967; she mined the borders so the Palestinians could not leave and of course today, Egypt has a massive wall to stop Palestinians getting in. That says a lot!

As for 'israeli occupation' - since Israel left Gaza almost five years ago, there is no such thing in that area.

Israel only goes into areas to stop terrorism. Other than that she is only too happy to leave the Palestinians to their own devices - which involve teaching four year olds to become a 'shahid' or 'martyr' for Allah by murdering as many innocent Israelis as possible.