Ottoman Century

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Ottoman Turkish Music from 17th century - Nikriz Peşrev

Frequently Asked Questions...

History buffs: what good histories or biographies have you read this year?

And by history I mean topics like Churchill, Saladin, Louis XIV, the Greco-Persian War, the Crimean War, and so forth (NOT the history of Marvel Comics or the Beatles or cream cheese--although such studies have their place!)

Some I've enjoyed are:

Carlo d'Este--Patton: A genius for War
Frederick Katz--Life and Times of Pancho Villa
Hugh Thomas--Cuba: The Pursuit of Freedom
Kinross--The Ottoman Centuries

I've already read all of David McCullough, Joseph Ellis, Antonia Fraser, Stephen Ambrose

Best Answer...


I'm a fiend for Historical Novels... Some I've just finished that I enjoyed:

"Pillars of the Earth" and "World Without End" by Ken Follet - Life and politics of England in the 12th & 13th Century.

Anything by John Jakes.

Actual History

Red Star Rogue, by Kenneth Sewell - regarding the activities of K-129, a Golf II Soviet Sub (I'm a former ASW Operator)