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Frequently Asked Questions...

How did the Usmaniyyah(Ottoman) Islamic Empire fall?

Especially morally. I've read somewhere about the muslim youths at that time were less Islamic than before and then this made the empire fell as there were no more great leaders after that...and so on..etc etc..

Best Answer...


One word..."nationalism".
Muslims themselves destroyed it. They fell in love with the dunya and pride in their races that they forgot about Allah and Islam. The turkish wanted to become "modern" so that traitor Mustafa Kemal Attaturk basically banned Islam. The arab nations wanted to become themselves and break from an Islamic state. The rulers of the Ottoman Empire were great rulers and loved Islam. But later on the newer rulers became very corrupted and the Ottoman Empire began to fall.
The muslim world was at peace during the Ottoman Empire and the muslim world had no fear. Now look! Muslims are being killed and destroyed everywhere. They don't even treat us like humans anymore. If we still had the khilafa do you think there would be an zionist state in Palestine? or Invasion in Iraq? Or Afghanistan etc. etc. etc...

Success is with Allah, not with our cultures.