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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why was Tehran made the capital of Iran?

Tehran was made the capital of Iran in 1795 under the Qajar dynasty. But why did they randomly pick Tehran?

Why didn't they stay in Esfahan or Shiraz? Tehran was not even an important city before it was made the capital, so what prompted the Iranian government to relocate to Tehran, when they had perfectly good cities that already acted as the capitals of Iran, like Esfahan and Shiraz?

Best Answer...


Isfahan and Shiraz were the capitals of other royal families and Agha Mohammad Khan qajar had to find another capital to show that he is independent of those families, has a historic background and is making a new royal family.
It was very important in those ages that the new royal family has his own capital, coins (sometimes currency), language, etc.
He chose Tehran because it was near to his origin area and a big family of his relations were living in Savejbolagh area just 30 kms far from Tehran.