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Frequently Asked Questions...

What fish can i put in a vase with bamboo,besides a betta?

I have a vase and i want to put a fish in there any ideas besides bettas and feeder goldfish?
i have decided against putting any living thing besides plants in there.

Best Answer...


I've had bettas for years in large bowls and glass vases. I keep the water treated for contaminants and pH, freshwater electrolytic and they do just fine. They are happy, perky, colorful and healthy the whole time.

Tanks and filtration are great but not needed for an attentive betta owner. But fish are not furniture, they're living things that require attention and for a solitary creature like a betta, they need your occasional companionship as well for interest.

Bettas breathe by gulping air from the surface which is why they don't need the filtration most other fishes demand, even goldfish. But they don't live in sewage or murky water, either. And most of the decontaminants that don't affect us in drinking water is harmful for a betta who runs that same water through his gills and kidneys so treatment in tanks or bowls is still necessary.

Bettas have suffered at the hands of florist shops selling plants in a cork, sealing a betta in the roots. The plant does fine but the betta is almost always sure to expire largely due to the lack of education consumers get when they buy a set up like that, about maintenance of a water habitat for living creatures.

I agree with your other responders who recommend understanding your fish before you doom him to an environment he can't tolerate. But you'll find the betta is the easiest fish to get along with in care and personality, and is often considered a 'gateway fish' because people who have one, love him so much they want to get more fish and a more elaborate aquarium to boot.

Read up on him, build him a nice habitat in a large bowl or large vase (2-3 gallon is a nice startup size) geared to his nature and you'll have a happy little guy who recognizes you when he hears your voice through the water or sees you coming.