Israel Necklace

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18K gold plated Name Necklaces Collection - Israel Depot -

Frequently Asked Questions...

My older sister is going to Israel soon and I want her to bring back a souvenir. Any suggestions?

I have no more than $50 and I don't know how many Shekelim that is. I want something that is truly israel not just something made there. I had the idea for a land of israel necklace--the kind with the sand from different places--but I'm not sure about that. I don't really want a T-shirt but I want something useful and/or pretty.

Best Answer...


tell her to avoid the "tourist" shops... espacialy in the old city of Jerusalem... if you want religious stuff there are small shops in Bethlehaem where the carve the stuff you see in the can get it cheaper from the makers... but you have to get off the main tracks to find them... tell her to go where the local people shop and be polite and they will help her get some "real" Israel stuff...$50 will only get you a $5 t-shirt in the tourist traps.

I Bethlehaem there is a market place not far from Manger Square in the oposit direction from the Church of the Nativity.. about 3 or 4 blocks but you have to get there very early in the morning when the locals are doing 11am it is all tourist stuff... I got some very nice "real" stuff there... go down side streets...that is where the second hand stuff is...lots of good bargins for one on a budget...and it is all "real" I got a cup and saucer for my grandmother for about $1.10 that a dealer in here says is worth over $75.. or more at auction. A hand carved set of camels and a donky cost me $7.50 and the exact same thing sells for a gift shop in the mall here for $95....I saw american tourists paying double what they coulget the same thing for in gift shops in the states... but they had to buy them at the tourist traps...I think Jeruselem is one of the highest markups for tourists any where over there