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Frequently Asked Questions...

What to german line German Shepherd ratings mean?

I'm shopping for a germans line german shepherd and I really need to learn what some of the numbers and letters mean. I under stand that v, va, ect mean and schh1,2 or 3 mean but whats with all the kkl's? And why do allot of their names have the word von in them?
Thanks for helping me with my ignorance to german rating. I'm used to working with akc and ckc.

Best Answer...


Geez, [Curtis]! Yooz Yanks iz falling apart! I caught [Kaper] and[Greekman] typing in their sleep in the last 2 days, and now you today!
You got muddled with Lbz (Lebenszeit), meaning Survey-Classified for Life.
As opposed to surveyed for what is, normally, an 18-months- to-2-year period to allow the GSD to mature & have some progeny shown (the actual expiry date being typed on the official SV pedigree).

It's got little to do with German "line". It has EVERYTHING to do with whether the dog is owned by someone who follows the weeding-out process for separating "not up to requirements" from "a genuine GSD". The full set is recorded & partially explained in http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/The_GSD_Source/links/Defining_a_GSD_001261993982/

"aus", "vom", "von", "von der", "zur" etc are (depending on how fussily you wish to translate the German) equivalent to "from" and "of the". Grammatically, they are connective affixes used by different kennels between the personal name of the GSD and the breeder's kennel name.

The explanations of KKl.I and KKl .II aren't wrong, but better is:
KKl. I = KörKlasse One aka Breed Survey Class 1, the broad definition being "Well above average quality: Recommended for breeding".
KKl.II = KörKlasse Two aka Breed Survey Class 2, the broad definition being "Above average quality: Approved for breeding".
There is no third class - those ineligible for KKl .II are fails as GSDs. Look at the list of DQs in the International Standard of the GSD (linked to above) and you will see what fails a dog; look at the lists of faults and you will see what keeps a GSD out of Class 1.

You rarely see GSDs in AKC and CKC circles - in those places you mostly see NAmerican Ski-Slope Dogs, Prick-Eared Bassets, and Titanic Tail-Tuckers, although they are registered as GSDs (because long ago their ancestors WERE worthy GSDs). NAmerican owners of real GSDs tend to restrict them to competitions run by the GSSCC, the USCA, the WDA.

And I DO wish dog owners would learn English, especially the difference between a TITLE (that goes in front of the name) and QUALIFICATIONS (that go after the name), as in
• Professor John Doe, MSc, Ph.D
• Sieger Uran vom Wildsteiger Land SchH3 KKl.1'a' KKl.I'a' Lbz
• Ch.&Ob.Ch&WT.Ch. Zest-o'-Mint of Sarelle ADX CDX UDX TDX WDX. BS.Cl.2

To ask about GSDs, join some of the 400+ YahooGroups dedicated to various aspects of living with them. Each group's Home page tells you which aspects they like to discuss, and how active they are. Unlike YA, they are set up so that you can have an ongoing discussion with follow-up questions for clarification. Most allow you to include photos in your messages.

I own 2 groups that everyone involved with GSDs should belong to.
◙ Join http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/The_GSD_Source and add it to your browser's Bookmarks or Favorites so that you can easily look up such as rescue groups, feeding, vaccinations, worming, clubs, weights, teething, neutering, disorders, genetics.
In its Database section look first in Alphabet_Soup; if you can''t find the abbreviation or code there, look in Breeders_Glossary. If you still cannot find it, you can then ask the group's experts to add it for you. Or you can ask about it in my discussion group (below)
Les P, owner of GSD_Friendly: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/GSD_Friendly
"In GSDs" as of 1967
◙ If you intend to be a breeder you should also join a friend's http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/GSD_Genetics