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The Christmas Tree

Frequently Asked Questions...

How do one rescue a pear tree infected with pear trellis fungus?

A pear tree has been infected by the fungus gymnosporangium sabinae, also known as European pear rust. The leaves all have orange spots. Tried spraying the tree with a liquid fruit tree fungicide but that does not seem to help. What can be done to help the tree over the course of the summer?

Using a liquid copper spray on the tree in the autumn & spring can help prevent the fungus from coming back but it is summer now and the tree needs help.

Best Answer...


Fungicides have minimal effectiveness on Gymnosporangium sabinae, or pear trellis rust. Remove any junipers within a mile of the tree, if possible, as they also host the fungus. Pick and discard infected leaves as soon as they appear, and prune any galls that appear at the bases of the twigs. This is all that can be done at this time. Copper spray should be applied in the spring before bud break, especially in warm, wet springs. Consult your county extension office for a treatment schedule for your area. If it helps, this rarely causes appreciable damage to the tree.

VCE Master Gardener