Yarmulke Kippah

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How can wearing a yarmulke(kippah) influence society in a good way? please help?

Best Answer...


If it's worn to show honor and respect for G-d, then the people who see someone wearing the kippah might be reminded of their own duty to reverence G-d. It might also encourage people not to hide their own faith and to be more open about their beliefs. And it might discourage people from acting in a way that would bring dishonor to G-d because they'd be reminded of His holiness and they wouldn't want to do something sinful in the presence of a religious symbol.

Now if it was just worn as a "Hey, look at me, see how holy I am!", that'd be a different story. That would be bragging on your own righteousness and not giving honor to G-d.

This is just my idea, and I don't claim to be a scholar, by any means.