Roman Knee

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Cowboy vs. Material Girl (Prospect)

In case you haven't heard, the Giants won. Because nobody who wasn't raised in
the Boston TV market can abide the New England Patriots as either will or
idea, a nation rejoiced between guacamole-flavored burps. But well before
then—before the game's second half, in fact—the great American public met the
real titans dueling for supremacy in Super Bowl LXVI. Clint Eastwood versus
Madonna was a celebrity death match for the ages.

Madonna had literal home-field advantage, since she and her Madonna-ness—two
increasingly disparate entities now that she's 53—were the stars of the
halftime show. All 81-year-old Clint did (all? To quote Macbeth, "Did you say
all?") was turn up in a two-minute Chrysler commercial. Iconically speaking,
he cleaned her clock.

Brother, did I get in trouble fast for posting that on Facebook. So I hastily
made with the me-good-multiculturalist bona fides. Honest, I do root for the
polyglot future—still and always the Force that our Madge wants to be with
her, though she's less its Luke Skywalker than its Yoda by now—over summonses
to resurrect past glories, Eastwood's Super Bowl job on Dee-troit's behalf. I
just can't help it that a) I'm not totally immune to ...


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A Large Roman Bronze Knee Brooch 150 200 AD

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Roman Knee

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