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Frequently Asked Questions...

How can I stop a soccer 1V1 when the striker has fast moves and is coming at speed?

How can I stop a striker when he has very good moves and he's comes at speed.

Best Answer...


I pride myself on great defending. Here's what you do. Using your body is the key, if you're bigger than him even better. When you get close, use your body on him(arms) to push him around. This will tire him out more, he'll also be less inclined to do more moves. The key is aggression, don't be afraid of some contact. Many speedy strikers are afraid of contact. Also, don't get too close otherwise one move and you're gone. keep a nice distance until you're ready to make an aggressive move,then use jockeying to stay right on him while giving him a good deal of contact. e-mail more if you have questions.